The Agonist

Style: Metal (Various)




The Agonist is an open minded metal band which makes music in their own way. The individual band members all have different (metal) preferences, which are combined to make metal music without the traditional metal ‘rules’.

The band name The Agonist was established in the autumn of 2005 after some legal issues concerning the previous name No Remorse. However, this change involved only the name of the band, the members staid together and the idea the same.

The Agonist consists of Jeroen Lans on drums, Bas Wijnbergen on the bass, Harmen Hillenbrants and Evert Leijenhorst on the guitars and Thé Klumpenhouwer as the vocalist. The band is together in this formation for almost 3 years now. In the beginning the band played covers of for example Six Feet Under, Sepultura and Fear Factory. After some time the band started to write their own material. The Agonist songs should be heavy, unpredictable and have a ‘groove’. At the beginning of 2006 the first three songs were ready and the first demo was recorded with Jos Wubbels. At this moment the demo is mastered and the result should be in soon.

In the future The Agonist hopes to create enough good material to play mostly own material during gigs and create a full-length album. In the meantime the band is performing as much as possible, and generally just having a good time together.

Line up

Evert Leijenhorst


Jeroen Lans


Harmen Hillenbrants


Bas Wijnbergen


Thé Klumpenhouwer