Stijl: Thrash metal




In the summer of 2002, from the ashes of the Dutch black metal band In Ruins, a new band evolved. So far, the band consisted of only two members. Marcus on guitar and Bo on drums. On their search for a suitable bass player they found Bjorn. Who had recently left the death metal band Necrovile. Marcus and Bjorn had already played together in the band Saga Inferna. Just before their first show the drummer (Boudewijn) decided to leave the band. He still joined Dominion for his first and final show with them. After a short period a new drummer came into the band (Robert). Totally new at the trash scene but highly motivated he joined the band. It turned out to be a success formula.

Although the band consists of three very different individuals, they all have the same goal: To create pure metal as it was meant: Hard, fast and aggressive.

In a short time they wrote some songs of anger and melodies of misanthropy and completed them with some of the most hateful lyrics. In the January 2004 the band entered the Steelworks Studio of Fred Mantel. That summer the band released their debut album called: Of hate… It contains 9 songs (more than 40 minutes) and was received very well by Aardschok, Rock Tribune, Lords of Metal, Zware metalen and others. The music they make is inspired by bands like: Megadeth, Overkill, Destruction, Kreator, Testament, Exodus etc...

Line up


Guitar and vocals


Bass and backing vocals




...Of hate